In 1999 the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs created the National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC), which has the function of becoming an international leading reference in research on the matter.
In 2005, a group formed by some of the most important Spanish companies and the Ministry of Health signed an agreement where they undertake to fund the Centre until the year 2012. That agreement also involved the participation in Spain of the prestigious cardiologist Valentín Fuster, who lives in New York, to lead this ambitious
scientific project.
The Pro CNIC Foundation arises to channel private contribution and thus becomes a cornerstone for the innovative research model of the CNIC. A centre articulated through a Foundation, that combines the public with the private both in funding and in management.
Through its Board, the companies not only contribute funds but also participate in decision making and planning  f the Centre. Therefore, the private sector gets involved, together with the CNIC, in the fight against  ardiovascular diseases.
The Pro CNIC Foundation is an example of scientific sponsorship. A true example of collaboration between the public and private sector.