Cardona Town Hall. Within the Cardona Town Hall, “Cardona Integral” is the name of the project to develop Cardona into a Healthy Town.
The Cardona Town Hall and the SHE Foundation promote this initiative within a strategy, started in 2011, where health is the cornerstone for the future of Cardona’s citizenship and a way to achieve the town’s social and economic development. Cardona Integral considers three activation areas: the health programs, the events and a new urban model.

2020 Objective
Several international organizations focus on 2020 as target to achieve several objectives in health promotion and disease prevention. These organizations include: “Healthy People 2020” in the US, the “Horizon 2020” program from the EU Commission and the “Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy” of the National Health System developed by the Health Ministry of Spain (Estrategia de Promoción de la Salud y Prevención en el Sistema Nacional de Salud del Ministerio de Sanidad Español ).
Some chronic diseases like cardiovascular and diabetes are responsible for 75% of the health expenditure and 7 out of 10 deaths per year.
Some disease risk factors can be prevented. The challenge is to avoid these diseases that can be prevented, keep active and independent the aging population during more time and support new projects development.
Cardona Integral is fully engaged in the making of Cardona a healthy town.