Since its very beginnings over 43 years ago, the Children’s Cardiology Foundation has evolved and become a reality for the benefit of countless persons that come to its services searching for a solution to their health problems.
Being aware of the main goal set by its founders “providing integral health to children with scarce resources and cardiovascular problems”, FCI has made every reasonable effort for the Children’s Cardiology Foundation – Cardiology Institute to achieve excellence in hospital institution. Therefore, for the purpose of evolving to a different healthcare model, focused on the patients and their relatives, FCI has undertaken to reach the goal to ensure that patients have unique clinical experience, from the work with all medical disciplines to cure the disease, correct and prevent the causes generating it and to provide a health and well-being area in their new Torre de Especialistas, a modern building that has been dedicated to the service of all Colombian and foreigners.
FCI has become more than an ally and has assumed a reliable commitment based on their philosophy of helping patients and the responsibility with the Colombian population. Therefore, in this new stage of institutional development and evolution FCI decided to use simple, precise and stable processes, where human resources will be given the greatest value to reach our goal.