De Miguel, Mercedes

Mercedes de Miguel Estévez

BSc in Biology (University of Salamanca, 2001) and Master in Project Management. Currently her activities are carried out as part of the Scientific Team of the SHE Foundation, participating in the monitoring and coordination of research programs and projects in healthy habits, with the goal of improving public health. Working in the development of the SI! Program for children and young people, coordinating the educational centers and as training tutor in the course “Programa de Salud Integral SI!” (accredited by the Consejería de Educación). In addition, she monitors the Fifty-Fifty Program for adults, in municipalities and in different companies for its application in the work environment. Finally, she participates in the management of the Healthy Communities Program that integrates the above on community level.

Her role as a visiting scientist in the Imaging and Cardiovascular Health Laboratory at the Centro Nacional de InvestigacionesCardiovasculares (CNIC) is the evaluation of health promotion strategies.

She collaborates with the SHE Foundation Pedagogical Team for the development of the educational materials used in the different programs.

Another of her tasks is being the Quality Manager at SHE Foundation for the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 standard in the SI! Program.

Project Manager with national and international experience in several programs and projects in the areas of ​​biotechnology, biomedicine and health promotion. Speaker at national and international meetings. She is author of several management and scientific publications, as well as in the communication of project results in congresses.