Martin, E. Francis

E. Francis Martin, MD

SENIOR MEDICAL OFFICER | Ministry of Health, Grenada

Specialty: Primary Health Care & Infectious Desease


Dr. E. Francis Martin, a graduate of the class 2000  worked in the Department of  Emergency Room at the General Hospital, Grenada for 10 years. He posit that his experience in the emergency room significantly impacted his life as a physician and brought him face to face with the Social Determinants of Health. As a result, he developed a profound interest in Primary Health Care, and advocacy for health promotion as pivotal to disease prevention as the most sustainable way for health systems in Grenada.

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Previously served as the first president of the International Students Association of SGU, Dr. Martin continued his service to the fraternity as the president of the Junior Doctors Association of the General Hospital and at present, the President of the Grenada Medical Association.

Dr. Martin conducted research in Grenada that link the annual Sahara dust plumbs across the Atlantic Ocean with Asthma exacerbation in St. George’s Grenada and has published his findings in the International Journal of Biometeorology.

Presently Dr.  Martin is the Senior Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health with direct responsibility for Primary Health Care and the National Infectious Disease Control Unit. Dr. Martin has a keen interest in institutional reforms and health system strengthening that facilitates a collusion of the islands of the Eastern Caribbean, to pool resources to help adequately deliver health care through region specific, public health initiatives.

Dr. Martin believes in the mantra of “all of society approach” to public health with resolute public-private partnerships as enablers to achieve sustainable development. An alumni as diverse as that of St. George’s University is one such great opportunity for harnessing collaborative support that can have a profound impact on the quality of life for all our citizens of Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique.