Gasol Foundation focuses its time, energy, and financial resources on increasing physical activity, wellness and healthy eating, with an initial emphasis on children and their parents in the United States and Spain.
From a very young age, Marc and Pau Gasol have shared a passion for children’s health and they strive now, as part of their own foundation’s work, to do everything they can to ensure that same level of access and enjoyment for today’s global youth.
The latest research shows that the environments in which we live and the public policies enacted by our leaders directly impact how young people eat, the physical activity in which they engage, and the level of happiness that they feel.
When schools offer healthy foods and beverages in cafeterias and vending machines, students eat better. When communities feature parks and bike trails paired with vigorous physical activity programs, children and parents are more active. When neighborhood supermarkets and farmers’ markets sell affordable healthy foods, families eat more nutritiously. However, when communities are dominated by unhealthy food establishments and have only a few safe places to play or exercise, our families do not eat as well and are less active – and thus, their health suffers.
It is imperative that we all work together to intervene early to promote healthy habits amongst today’s youth. By doing so, we will make our world healthier and stronger, ease the financial strain on our health care system, and save lives.