The FC Barcelona Foundation is the entity through which FC Barcelona conveys its corporate social responsibility All FC Barcelona Foundation projects are developed based according to the following premises :

• The use of sport as a fundamental pillar of the project
• The promotion of education and positive values of sport
• Children and adolescents as the prime beneficiaries
• Projecting Catalonia through FC Barcelona

Since its founding in 1994, the FC Barcelona Foundation has helped people take part in the many social, cultural and sporting activities that the Club has carried out, a reflection of an advanced society that has found in the Club and the Foundation the ideal vehicle for such activities.
As of 2010, the players and coaching staff from the professional sections of the Club also donate 0.5% of their wages to the Foundation.
The FC Barcelona Foundation, on the basis of experience in the field of sport and values, proposes a programme of action aimed at transmitting positive values to children and adolescents, which involves sporting activities as a means to promote healthy development.
This work must be consistent with the values of FC Barcelona and must prioritise the development of projects in Catalonia.