The IMSS is the institution with the greatest presence in healthcare and in social protection for Mexicans since it was set up in 1943; for this it combines research and medical practice with the administration of resources for the retirement of its beneficiaries to provide reassurance and stabilities to the workers and their relatives in case of any of the risks specified in the Social Security Law. Today more than half of the Mexican population is related to the Institute, to date the largest of its kind in Latin America.

The mission of the IMSS is to be a basic instrument of the social security, established as a national public service, for all workers and their relatives.

For a Mexican country with more and better social security.

As a health risk administrator institution. It administers the different insurance classes set out by the SSL, and requires an adequate management of the contributions and financial resources for providing the in-kind and cash benefits; and being an autonomous tax agency it would run an effective tax-collection achieving transparency and control of the information generated.

As service provider entity It promotes the health of the insured working population and their relatives, pensioners and students globally, through the provision of prevention and care medical services, nurseries and economic and social benefits set out in the SSL.