The Ministry of Health is the sole public institution responsible for the provision of health services in Grenada,
Carriacou and Petit Martinique. It is accountable for policy formulation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its services provided to the Grenadian citizens.

An enhanced quality of life, improved health status of individuals, families and communities and maintenance of a
state of optimum wellness

To promote and provide health services that are appropriate, accessible, equitable, and sustainable utilizing suitably qualified and motivated staff committed to excellence and professionalism.

Health is a fundamental human right which is achievable through the primary health care approach utilizing health promotion strategies delivered by trained health professionals. The Ministry of Health is divided into three programmed functional areas;

ADMINISTRATION: The top level for the formulation and implementation of policies, personnel and financial
matters, and the general management and coordination of the entire Ministry.

HOSPITALS: There are three (3) hospitals in the country namely:- General Hospital; Princess Alice Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital

Community Health Services (CHS):
The Ministry’s mission is to ensure a quality primary health care service. With that in mind they encourage persons to utilize the services provided at the community level. It takes the very friendly name “Community Health” (C.H.S.). C.H.S is fundamentally important since it takes into account medical, which include, dental, pharmacy community nursing, mental health, doctors’ clinic, environmental health/public health and health promotion.