Dr. Valentín Fuster

After qualifying in medicine and receiving his Ph.D at Barcelona University, Dr. Fuster eventually became Professor in Cardiovascular Medicine at the Mayo Medical School, Chief of Cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Mallinckrodt Professor at Harvard Medical School. In 2006, he became Director of The Mount Sinai Heart Center in New York, a post combined with that of Physician-in-Chief of The Mountain Siani Hospital since 2012. Dr. Fuster is also the General Director of CNIC in Spain (equivalent to NHLBI in US) and Chairman of the SHE “La Caixa” Foundation (Science, Health and Education).

As a global leader in cardiovascular medicine, he has been President of the American Heart Association (AHA), President of the World Heart Federation, member of the IOM of the National Academy of Sciences, member of the US NHLBI Advisory Council, and President of the Training Program of the American College of Cardiology (ACC).

Dr. Fuster has been named Doctor Honoris Causa by thirty-three universities around the world. He has authored more than 1000 scientific articles, two leading books on Cardiovascular Medicine (lead editor), and six books for the lay public. Dr. Fuster is the only cardiologist to have received the highest awards for research from the four leading cardiovascular organizations. In addition, he has received the Grand Prix Scientifique of the Institute of France and the Gold Medals of the AHA and the European Society of Cardiology. In 2012, Dr. Fuster was named as a Living Legend in Cardiology by the ACC and was awarded the Research Achievement Award by the AHA. In 2014, Dr. Fuster was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

In 2020, the Royal Family of Thailand presented Dr. Valentín Fuster with the 29th Annual Prince Mahidol Award in the field of Medicine. This prestigious award, presented by the Prince Mahidol Foundation, recognizes Dr. Fuster’s international leadership over the past four decades for his innovative contributions to cardiovascular medicine, both in the field of research and clinical care and, more recently, as an advocate for the promotion of global cardiovascular health worldwide.