libro-destacadoAge is only a number. Whilst at 80 some people still climb mountains, others are incabable of walking up a slope after 40. In Greece, Ikaria islanders live 10 years more in average than the Greek continential population. Similary in Okinawa population celebrates 100 year birthdays three times more frequently than the population in the rest of Japan. Aging and turning years are two different things and although we all celebrate our birthday with the same yearly cadence, we don’t age the same way. In spite of being a world celebrity and an eminence in global cardiology, Dr. Valentín Fuster cannot slow down our chronological aging rythm. What he can do, and this book is a good proof of it, is to slow down, maybe even make a break, to our aging process, by incorporating in our lives exercices, routines and physical and mental activities that delay from the most superficial signs of age – like skin wrinkles for instance – to deeper celular and neuronal evolution.
La ciencia de la larga vida (Long Life Science) discovers the secrets of longevity and how we ought to act, to age active physical, intelectual and emotionally. It’s the art of living more, but overall, living better. Much better.