DIRECTOR OF FINANCE | Cardiovascular Institute
Mount Sinai


John Persaud is the Director of Finance for the Cardiovascular Institute (CVI). He joined the CVI in 2005, after retiring from the Financial Division of the Mount Sinai Medical Center, where he was employed for 35 years. During his tenure in the Financial Division he was responsible for the administration and financial reporting for the institution’s extramural grants and contracts and, restricted funds.

Among his many roles in the CVI, he is responsible, in conjunction with the institution Financial Division, to assure that the Mount Sinai Valentín Fuster Foundation IRS 990 is filed and the report is distributed to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. John is also responsible for the Foundation finances by assuring that the gifts and donations are appropriately expended in accordance with the donors instructions.


ACCS London (Major: Accounting),
HFM (Major: Accounting and Restricted Funds),
University of Cambridge GCE (Major: Mathematics and English Language)